Project name:

Food printing at the TWIX Factory

Project description:


twix-113dChocolate printing at the TWIX Factory proved to be quite a challenge as we were unaware of the glass front and roof of the factory. That particular weekend was very Sunny and inside the “greenhouse” we measured temperatures exceeding 28C when the sun covered the printer.

Still we managed to print several vases, chess pieces, brain, labyrinth and a typical Dutch game. Some of the vases and chess pieces collapsed after a while due to the heat but all in all the first LUTUM Food printer did a wonderful job!

The LUTUM BBQ table with green egg is the first of its kind and is based on our concept to integrate 3dprinters with their function. Its a mobile foodstation to print food or decorations on food on location.


twix-04    twix-06 twix-05 twix-16twix-03 twix-13twix-02twix-10 twix-09