LUTUM® printer

The fist LUTUM® mini was Launched in september 2015. The current v4 has a build volume of 43x46x50cm. and comes in three flavours; standard, dual and MXL.  It is designed for […]

Sponsor pot

Sisse Lee asked us if we could sponsor her graduation project. Eventhough the object was not one we would choose to print because of the flat roof and wide overhanging […]

New extruder v6

This new version has a special 3d printed cover to ensure the UTP cable can easily be plugged in and out and the connection is strong. It’s now a feature on […]


Food print test #3 After our first tests with speculoos, butter and cream cheese we decided to print something larger as proof of concept for events or parties.

Dual color clay printing

After the first test with a black and white pilon we printed these three vase shapes in May 2015. These objects combine red earthenware with stoneware and haven’t cracked in a […]

How to empty a tube or micro cartridge…

Screw on this special plug. Open the lid on the other side. Attach the pressure tube to the plug. Hold the cartridge inside a bucket and gently add pressure. Your […]

Sunday morning

On a Sunday morning in October 2014 we wanted to try out a couple of easy designs. Great to test our clay mixture, settings and of course Rapid Prototyping to find […]