Food printing at the TWIX Factory

3dChocolate printing at the TWIX Factory proved to be quite a challenge as we were unaware of the glass front and roof of the factory. That particular weekend was very Sunny […]

pottery production

Pottery Production Using a 3dprinter for production is not our first objective, unless the shape can’t be created otherwise. We prefer printing a different design each time as this is […]


Interested in getting a 3D printed Sculpture of yourself, family or friends? check general information and prices here

Sponsor pot

Sisse Lee asked us if we could sponsor her graduation project. Eventhough the object was not one we would choose to print because of the flat roof and wide overhanging […]


Internal Structures Filters, heating elements, speakers and other fine mazed internal structures are interesting to 3dprint. Even certain gyroids can be printed. Architects can use the 3d printer for new building […]

print and sculpt

Print and Sculpt Once the printer has finished the clay is still wet. This allows for final touches by hand. After 3d scanning a person or object you can print […]


Food print test #3 After our first tests with speculoos, butter and cream cheese we decided to print something larger as proof of concept for events or parties.

Food printing 2015 test #2

Our second try at printing food with an altered version of our Extruder. This time we printed many different types of ready made foodpastes from our local warehouse. There is […]

quick prototyping

Quick Prototyping 3d printing gives you a fast feedback on your new designs. Depending on the object you can even hold it gently right after printing to decide whether you […]

Print Food

Print FOOD! The clay we print with is paste like, therefore it is also possible to print with various food pastes. Some prints you may want to heat up or […]

Dual color clay printing

After the first test with a black and white pilon we printed these three vase shapes in May 2015. These objects combine red earthenware with stoneware and haven’t cracked in a […]

Small pieces

Mass produce small pieces Shells and other maritime shapes have always been intriguing. With a 3d printer you can make similar inner structures which will not only make the design […]


Retail ready Output A finished clay print needs to dry and get fired. Glaze can be used traditionally or added beforehand. After the final firing, unlike many plastic prints which […]

Sunday morning

On a Sunday morning in October 2014 we wanted to try out a couple of easy designs. Great to test our clay mixture, settings and of course Rapid Prototyping to find […]