There are several software packages you need to download if you are planning to use a LUTUM 3d Clay Printer.

Below we will give a few links to recommended  software. If you are not new to 3dprinting you can also use other software. However, we cannot give recommendations for settings or use for these type.

Before you can print you will need something you want to print. This needs to be designed in a 3d CAD program or scanned with a 3D scanner.

123 Design

For First timers we recommend a 3D cad program from Autodesk. it is called 123 Design, it is very easy and intuitive to use. You can quickly design simple items and get used to a 3D design environment

You can download it here 

Save the file to your computer and run it. You do not need to make an Autodesk account
The file is 380MB large and an executable software package.
You need a 64 bit Windows computer to run it.
– If you have a different type of PC please check here.
– When using an Apple system try here.

Unfortunately the 123 design software package is no longer supported by Autodesk They stopped support in 2017.
We still recommend the download for first time users as it is very easy to use and will quickly give you the feel for 3D design on a flat screen.

Fusion 360

All functionality of 123 Design is now incorporated into a much more professional Package called Fusion 360. This program is also free to use and available here:


Another great program to use is also from Autodesk, it is called Meshmixer and is a kind of 3D sculpting tool to manipulated 3d designs or scans. It is also an excellent program to fuse different files together
Download it from the Autodesk site.


When you are done and happy with the design you created you have to prepare the file for printing.
This is done with a Slicing program, This program translated the 3D design into a Layered coordinate system compatible with the Printer.
There are several Free and paid options to choose from.


For the LUTUM we recommend the latest version of Slic3r. A free to use open source slicer.
Download it here

When purchasing a LUTUM you will receive a seed file to use with slicer. The seed file can be used as a starting point to slice the objects to your needs. You will have to set variables like layer height and nozzle widths, Print speeds and retraction values. An overview can be found here on the google plus LUTUM forum.

A full manual can be found here


In addition to slic3r we recommend to use Repetier Host.
This is a great visualizer and Gcode editor with inbuild slicer.
However, we recommend to use Slic3r separate and import the sliced Gcode file to Repetier to preview your print and make manual changes if needed.

you can download from here:


Another great tool to edit Gcode is Notepad ++

download from here: