Printing Food with your LUTUM©

We offer two high end food safe extruder variants. They are made from bronze or gold plated brass. It’s still necessary to clean them between sessions and it’s advisable to combine this extruder with our sonic cleaning set.

The high end extruders fit all our LUTUM® models.
More about the different models can be found on our LUTUM® page

Working conditions are similar to the regular setup and your existing clay designs and sliced files can also be used for food. Keep in mind that most foods are softer than clay so high models will collaps faster.


We are exploring a different printer design for foodprinting purposes and have launched an experimental concept for food printing at festivals, seminars, or parties. You can read more in this project here



The preferred cartridges for food pastes are the Microcartridges,cartridge

These are easy to clean and hold about 600cc material, enough to print multiple items. They are also quickly replaced when empty.

The maximum working pressure is 8 Bar but most food pastes only need between 1 to 3 bar of pressure.


fillingFilling a cartridge,

is easy, you can use either tubular pre processed foods or use a plastic spatula to add from different packaging styles.


Click the pictures below for articles on the specific examples.