How to choose your setuplutumj-logo-200x200

There are several pre assembled LUTUM® options you can choose from. They all consist of the same Large base but have different build volume and extruder systems.

There are three standard configurations:

– The LUTUM® mini,

The mini has 1 extruder, a 45x44x45cm build volume and is the easiest to operate. It is also the fastest printer because of the lower weight compared to the other configurations.

– The LUTUM® dual (experimental)

Has two extruders, a 45x40x45 dual color build volume and is challenging.


Has 1 extruder but a very tall Z axix. the builvolume is 45x44x75cm As a result of the added weight printspeeds are slower.  This printer can also be configured with a dual extruder.

All systems can handle regular Gcode files prepared by open source slicer software like Slic3r and Repetier.

All LUTUM® printers are easy to assemble. You only need to fix 4 sets of bolts to attach the arm to the base and connect power and tubing from the clay cartriges to the printhead. When you like assistance with installing and preparing the LUTUM® at your site, that too can be arranged. The LUTUM® mini comes preassembled when picked up from our studio.

The LUTUM® CLAY system cartridge-family-LUTUM

The clay storage and pressure vessels are made of high pressure plastic parts with a transparent tube to easily check clay levels.

The maximum working pressure is 5 Bar (72psi) for the large cartridge and come with a pressure dial for easy checking, a safety pressure relief valve and an easy, quicksnap, orion style air hose connector on top.

There are three variants, one with volume of roughly 2.5 Liters a Larger version with a volume of around 8 Liters and the microcartridge handling 650cc of clay. They all have their specific usages but we recommend to start with the microcartridge as its easy to fill and quickly attached to the system.

controlbox-inzetThe LUTUM® Control.

With A singe press-dial system and a large 128×64 dot LCD screen you have total control over the printer.

The box includes SD support for stand alone printing (recommended). There is also a USB connection on the frontpanel of the printer for direct computer interface


LUTUM® Options and add-onstrolly-02b

There are many addons and options available. you can find hem in our inline store; printer assembly tools, sculpting tools, dedicated software, clay preperation tools, Air systems and tools, different extruders and much more.

And all compatible with the LUTUM® base system!



Lead time is 8 weeks after confirmation of order (excluding shipping time). A down payment is needed before your order is accepted. Other sales conditions may apply. See additional information alongside your Quote.