Print tips

Printing with clay is an art form.

Every clay mix and type has its own difficulties and solution. Below are tips for printing with stoneware clay as that is the easiest to master and get good results with. Before you start, please read the clay printing manual that came with your printer and try those first. without the general outlines described in that manual, the below tips might not be clear.

#01. mixing clay

If you follow the clay mixing manual you wil get soft and easy to print clay. This mix is perfect for smaller objects ranging from tiny to around 30cm in height. For larger prints you have tweo options, dry your work while it is printing or mix harder clay.
Drying can be done by applying a blow dryer directly above your print. Keep a distance between 60cm and 1 meter for good results. If necessary move the blower up during your printing.
The other option is to mix harder clay. this clay can be use easy with the microcartridges. using hard clay in the larger vessel can gives issues as the tube will prohibit it from reaching the extruder. A solution is to shorten the lengt of the tube to a minimum of 30cm. Remember to lift the vessel every 5cm of print otherwise it will interfere with proper operation of the printer.

#02. a quick way to make a solid bottom layer

When you are printing an object that needs a solid base, you can print this. Its faster to done when you pour casting clay inside your print. Use a similar amount of water and deflocculants so your schringkage is the same as you printing clay.

#03. making your auger turn more smooth

Clay is very abrrasive. When it dries it will turn hard like stone. The top part of your Auger is smooth, it is the seal towards the top area. Clay getting dry in that place might block proper turning of the auger. A solution is to spray the top (turning) part of the auger with a little WD40 every now and then during printing. The wd40 penetrates down and softens the clay that might form a block later.