Testing new prototype Augers

Here is the first test result from our latest Auger design.
It can increase tip pressure to levels not achievable with air pressure alone. This means we can print with clay hard enough to form reliable bridges and overhangs without collapse. This gives a tremendous increase of design freedom.

Pictured is the sabretooth design from Thingiverse

This file took a whopping 4 hours to print! But I guess that is what you should expect when printing such delicate designs. We also printed on the XL printer and with these small quick movements we had to go slow (10mm/s) for the mass inertia of the machine not to play havoc on the print. I guess this print would print between 2 to 3 hours on the LUTUM® mini.

The teeth were created and attached by hand in seconds. the rest of the teeth were post processed with a spatula, and will be glaze to a shiny pale white.