Weekend Workshop 3D Clay Printing

Are you interested in creating a design and 3D printing it with Clay?
Join this workshop and explore the possibilities!

Purpose: an introduction to 3D printing with Clay.

Day 1

After a tutorial we guide you through the design steps, do’s and don’ts regarding the material Clay.
We can scan an object to show how it could be edited in Meshmixer and combined with a shape made in 123D Design. In case the design needs scaffolding we add it. We will also discuss the possibility of infill for extra stability or other purposes.

Day 2

Yesterday’s result is saved as an STL-file and sliced to a G-Code which can be extruded by the printer. Average printing time is 1 hour. During printing we explain what we are doing and what options you have to alter settings.
A finished print can be removed from the platform and placed on a turnplate to make some final details by hand. When it has dried enough to remove it from the platform it can either be taken home or if it is too delicate be fired by us and sent to you.

Date: May 11 & 12 2019
Please bring: Laptop with a mouse
Please notice: The workshop will be given in English

Send us an email for participation or more information.